Cabot Cliffs Tour – June 6, 2015

On Saturday June 6, 2015, a bunch of the guys who were on the weekend trip to Cabot Links were given a guided tour of the magnificent new golf course Cabot Cliffs.

Our tour guide was the Director of Golf Joe Robinson.  Joe is a legend in the Atlantic Canada Professional Golfers Association with his previous 39 years of service at the historic Highlands Links.  We drove over to the Cabot Cliffs course in a large Mercedes Sprinter passenger van with the first stop at a high point on the course looking southwest towards where the club house will be built.  We hoped back in the van and drove over to the 15th fairway, a par 5 that comes downhill from the trees towards the cliffs.  Just behind the 15th green is the 16th tee for what has to be one of the most dramatic par 3 holes in Canada if not the world.  Joe said the back tee is 180 yards but it looked like it was 250 yards.  Incredible.  We walked over to the 16th green and then to the amazing 17th tee looking southwest along the coast.  The 17th is a 300 yards par 4 and you can see the green from the tee.  He showed the aim point is about 200 yards over a grassy knoll and with a good left to right drive the ball will roll down the hill towards the green.  If there is a more intimidating tee shot on a par 4 we’ve not seen it.

Here is some video and still pictures from the tour.  Thanks Joe!!


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